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Introducing Brokers (IBs)

At Bank of Dene, we believe our IB affiliates play a key role in our success. However, we also know that the relationship is a mutually beneficial one. We work closely with IBs to provide them with the necessary skills to expand their client base and thus generate more business. We work in partnership with a selected well-known and established international institutional asset management partners and a number of authorised companies so our IB affiliates as whole benefit from the protection of working with authorised and regulated broker dealers.

At Bank of Dene we cater to IBs with an array of client types with brokers trading on behalf of clients. The clients who are introduced by IBs open an account with Bank of Dene. Who are authorised to trade the account and place orders, IBs share in the commissions charged to the clients. IBs must be regulated to conduct investment business in the jurisdiction in which they operate. Becoming an IB with Bank of Dene is straightforward, quick and cost-effective.


Bank of Dene is always pleased to hear from financial groups, companies and professionals who have Clients who need to introduce specific financial expertise to arrive at a bankable solution to overcome a problem or to meet a financial goal and objective. Some of these initial contacts have resulted in a long- term serious relationship to the mutual benefit of these groups, companies and professionals as well as their Clients.

Introducing Agents (IAs)

We also offer an IA program. IAs simply introduce clients for which the IA is paid an ongoing return commission. We have a network of IAs worldwide who introduce clients to us we take care of the rest. If you have a Client list and you believe that you could benefit from an association, then we would be pleased to receive your ideas and business proposals in writing. Please forward your enquiry to us on our contacts page.

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