Asset Management

Asset Management

Prime Business Services Inc. (PRIME BSI) is the asset wealth management partner of the private clients of the Bank of Dene. It is a common law trust of the Bank of Dene.

PRIME BSI is a business management company comprised of a seasoned group of professional Certified Public Accountants, senior common law attorneys, senior admiralty law attorneys, business executives, capital market professionals, business developers, financial services, telecommunications, internet commerce, digital marketing and natural resources for your project development needs.

Project Management Services - PRIME BSI

Pre-development marketing studies, Project Viability Studies, Project / Business Development, Expedited UN humanitarian qualification certifications, Request For Quote (RFQ) and construction bid management, Turn Key Construction Management, Quality control options, Marketing Management with national / international outreach, Human Resource, Key Employee pre-screenings, Temp employee management, Turn Key Operations Management of finished projects using key people that you can select.

Financial Services - PRIME BSI

Fund management per mutual agreement, 5 Year Pro-Forma business plans, Full project accounting, Prepare financial statements, balance sheet & profit & loss statements, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual & annual options, Payroll, federal & state tax deductions, health, pension, profit sharing, direct deposit Originates & matches capital funding tailored specific to each project, Statements comparing actual expenses to budgeted expenses State and federal tax returns

Additional Services of PRIME BSI

  • Identify investment opportunities for Investors
  • Arrange techno-economic feasibility studies including political and market risk analysis
  • Advisory services for joint ventures in selected countries
  • Marketing industrial products and services
  • Marketing services for Technology, Media and Telecommunications
  • Market surveys
  • Promotion of international trading
  • Provide technical advice and solution in sectors such as Energy, Transport, IT, Media, Trading etc.
  • Project Development
  • Environmental Planning and EIA reports
  • Techno-economic feasibility reports
  • Project reports
  • Consents, permits and approvals
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Off-take, feed stock, EPC Contracts
  • Supervision of implementation
  • Asset and Management
  • Health, Education & Social Development
  • Research, Monitoring & Evaluation (RM&E)
  • Information Technology Solution
  • Strategic Planning & Team Building
  • Project & Financial Management
  • Community & High-level Stakeholder Facilitation