Who We Are

The Bank of Dene is owned by the Dene Tribes of North America and is an asset-backed Sovereign Private Bank committed to serving the World's Indigenous Peoples. Our focus is on bringing the Indigenous into the modern world while keeping the traditional ways alive.

  1. We are an asset-backed bank, non-fractionalized, full reserve indigenous bank. It is a sovereign native owned and operated.
  2. We are Basel III compliant abides by "Know Your Customer" (KYC), " Customer Information Sheet" (CIS), anti-money laundering (AML) & and verification of non-criminal origin principles and practices.
  3. We do not speculatively trade derivatives for the banks own accounts, therefore we will not have any "fat-finger" issues.
  4. We have a sovereign block-chain, smart contract transparent with chain of title through SKR origins to all blockchain entries to current customer.
  5. We provide Full Bank, Merchant Bank, Investment Bank and Private Bank functions to the world's indigenous community.

What We Do

The Bank of Dene provides:

  1. North American licensed and bonded warehouses, issues our own SKR's, are fully self insured and maintain secure vaults inside armed worker facilities.
  2. Loan to value percentages for assets on premises and can utilize verifiable SKR's for monetization.
  3. Insured transportation logistics services via Air, Land or Sea to our North American vault facilities.
  4. Due to the nature of to our unique jurisdiction we are most likely the world's only indigenous Offshore Bank that with on-shore banking facilities.
  5. We Provide Medium Term Note management to better serve indigenous project development needs.

Additional Services

The Bank of Dene provides the following additional services:

  1. Private Encrypted Banker Communications - Voice / Text / Email / Pouch / Courier.
  2. Merchant Banking - On the private side we also have Merchant / Investment banking available to our project clients.
  3. Bank Treaties and JV Agreements - The Bank of Dene have the facility to enter into Bank Treaties and/or a JV agreement for qualifying tribes through co-managment agreements with their own banks.
  4. Insurance and Bonding - The Bank of Dene is Privately and Fully Insured with our own bonds placed in the U.S. Treasury and the Vatican Chancery.